13  UMass Dartmouth, SMAST, and Fay Lab Resources

13.1 General information about UMass Dartmouth and SMAST

The SMAST Department website lists all faculty, staff, and students across both departments (DEOS & DFO). This is not updated frequently but may help you in locating a specific person and their contact information.

SMAST directory…though again doesn’t get updated frequently.

If you need help with a specific task, there are some staff members that are more approproate to contact. Please use the link below to locate someone to help you. For example, if you are planning on traveling (DEOS & DFO), you see that Christine Fox is the primary contact with Sue Silva as the secondary point of contact.

  • Staff at SMAST that are useful resources - click on view raw at bottom of page.
    • An excel spreadsheet which lists the primary and secondary points of contact for SMAST related business will be downloaded to your computer.

SMAST occupants portal. Login in to

13.1.1 University Codes of Conduct

13.1.2 For Grad Students

13.1.3 For Employees

13.2 Fay Lab Resources

Fay Lab website Fay Lab Google Drive & Calendar - ask Ashleigh for a link to access & collaborate! - Lab email -> thefaylab@gmail.com Fay Lab GitHub account - Lab-chat repository houses an Issues list that retains institutional and Fay Lab knowledge. It’s private so be sure to ask Gavin for access! Our current team Lab publications Professional development materials: Jobs, Grants, & Degrees Outreach opportunities - UMassD Society for Women in Marine Science (SWMS) Chapter - UMassD Underrepresented Women as Leaders in STEAM Travel Procedures

13.2.1 Weekly Lab Meetings

  • Every Tuesday from 1 - 2:30 PM EST
  • On occasion, this time is used for Quantfish woRkshops where lab members or invited guests come to teach the group and larger community a quantative skill (could be an introduction to a new R package, new statistical tool, etc)

13.2.2 Shut Up and Write

  • Every Thursday from 3 - 4:30 PM EST (besides the 1st Thursday of every month which is reserved for Hacky Hour -> see below!)
  • Pomodoro-style workflow. Three, 20-minute sessions interspersed by ~5 minute breaks.

13.2.3 Hacky Hours/Southcoast useR group

  • 1st Thursday of every month
  • Mixed bag including working through tidy tuesdays, informal feedback presentations, etc.